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Aerial Application

Deltatrax is a South African market leader in Specialised Aerial Application and Crop Protection Services. Deltatrax has kept abreast of international trends, implementing modern techniques with strict quality and safety standards throughout every project.

Deltatrax has built teams of highly skilled and experienced people that can facilitate all aspects of a project from concept to beyond completion.

Our experience enables us to confidently guarantee high quality pest control services through the recommendation and application of a wide range of registered products with the emphasis on environmental safety and the long term effects.

Advantages of Helicopter Spraying

  • Better coverage.
  • No trampling of crops.
  • Advanced  Dynanav GPS technology for accuracy and precision.
  • The down wash from the rotor blades pushes the product deep into the canopy.
  • The tip vertices that come off the rotor blades allow for product distribution to the underside of the leaves (especially important with insecticides, aphids in particular).
  • The cost is comparable to ground spraying when you factor in the absence of damaged crops.
  • Unlike ground sprayers, no ruts are made in the fields .
  • No height restrictions which is an issue with ground sprayers.
  • Fast and accurate application – up to 60 hectares per hour.
  • Refilling of helicopter  spray tank takes approximately 3 minutes.

How Can Deltatrax Help You?

Backed by decades of experience, our team has gained extensive knowledge in crop spraying and vegetation management.