Herbicides (Weed Killers)

We supply a wide range of industrial and residential herbicides at competitive rates including:


  • Clear Out Glyphosate 360g/lt (Non-Selective Systemic Herbicide)
  • Roundup Glyphosate 360 gr/lt (Non-Selective Systemic Herbicide)
  • Roundup Turbo Glyphosate 450 gr/lt (Non-Selective Systemic Herbicide)
  • Outpace Super (Non-Selective Seasonal Control) 20L
  • Outpace Super (Non-Selective Seasonal Control) 5L
  • Super Lawnweeder (Selective Broadleave Herbicide)
  • etc.

Granular Herbicides:

  • Orbit GR (Non-Selective Granular Herbicide)
  • Spike 50GR (Non-Selective Granular Herbicide)
  • Bushwacker (Non-Selective Granular Herbicide)
  • etc.

Product not on list?

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We supply a wide range of herbicides for industrial, commercial and residential use.

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